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Riflessi sul tadelack

Tadelakt is a technique of applying polished stucco. It involves the application on walls of very fine lime plaster and quartz sand which are then polished with stones. This particular polishing endows the material with a peculiar brilliance. The surface becomes plastic and very pleasant to the touch, it is waterproof and acts as a fungicide, and therefore it is particularly adapted to bathrooms or other areas affected by problems of humidity. In the ancient world, this technique was much appreciated by Roman architects, who used it as to substitute for marble in the higher parts of buildings. Today it is still very widely used in the countries of the Maghreb and is highly valued by many contemporary architects for its particular decorative qualities.

Tadelakt blu An example of a blue tadelakt for bath's walls.
Tadelakt blu
Tadelakt blu Interesting contrasts
Tadelakt blu Pink Tadelakt for a seat.
Two images of a tadelackt seat in a garden in PortoCervo (Sardinia).The soap+ natural wax coating complete the water resistant quality of our tadelackt.
Tadelakt bluTadelakt reflections
Tadelack sink

Decorative floors

Epox-microconcrete According to the background we are able to offer many different decorative solutions with epox-resin and micro-concrete.
Tadelack sink